Crafty Cultures Natural Yoghurt Starter Cultures 50 Litres

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Natural Yoghurt Starter Cultures

Practice the ancient tradition of making your own delicious fresh yoghurt at home and you’ll be a cultural convert. Crafty Cultures brings you those elusive starter cultures for making natural yoghurt in your own kitchen with the lactobacillus bulgaricus and streptococcus thermophiles strains. Simply add the culture to your healthy milk choice and let the culture work its magic, making up to 50 litres of yoghurt. Crafty cultures natural yoghurt starter can be used to culture non-dairy milk alternatives too.

This sachet can directly set 50 litres of milk in one batch. Or if you’d like to make smaller batches at a time use the “daughter culture” method as prescribed in the directions to set up to 50 litres worth of yoghurt over a period of time.



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