Ecomil Organic Oat Barista Milk Sugar Free 1 L

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Organic Oat Barista Milk Sugar Free

Oh, it’s so delicious! Ecomil’s Organic Barista Oat Drink is a wonderful milk alternative made especially for frothy, foamy, and light hot beverages. It’s also 100% dairy-free, perfect for anyone with a lactose allergy or wanting to live a more plant-based lifestyle. Whip up delectably foamy and dairy-free cappuccinos quickly and easily at home with Ecomil’s Organic Barista Oat Drink.

Suggested use:

Make the perfect froth with all the best ingredients combined to help you get a creamy flavour in your coffee. For use with a professional coffee machine that has a steaming nozzle. Steam at a maximum temperature of 60ºC and do not steam it several times.

Keep refrigerated and consume within 5 days after opening.

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