Hipp Squeezy Plum Apple Peach from 1 year - 100g



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Squeezy Plum Apple Peach – from 1 year

The mild Hippis fruit mix from Hipp is a delicious snack or dessert for little sweet tooth’s. The fruity baby porridge with mirabelle plum, apple and peach is made from 100% organic fruit and has no added sugar. For a delicious treat – without unnecessary additives. In a practical squeeze bag, ideal for taking with you.

  • Baby food from 1 year
  • Flavour: Mirabelle in apple-peach
  • Finely pureed
  • Made from high quality organic ingredients
  • In a practical squeeze box, ideal for on the go


Suggested use: Ideal as a dessert or as part of a snack. Feeding fruit puree with a plastic spoon. We recommend giving a maximum of 1-2 squeeze pouches a day.

Before use, please ensure that the packaging has not been damaged.

Further information:


Frequent and constant exposure of the teeth, to fruit puree from the bag can cause severe tooth damage (cavities).

Have your child consume the fruit puree under supervision and eat it quickly, preferably from a spoon.

Do not leave the bag to the child for constant and frequent sucking.

Do not let child play with bag and lid.

Ensure regular dental care.

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