Komati Foods Poppy Seeds 500g


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Poppy Seeds

Poppy seeds are from the the poppy plant (papaver somniferum) but do not contain opium. The opium alkaloids are present in the poppy pod’s milky white liquid (latex) which can become contaminated with the seed but that is uncommon.

Poppy seeds are used to make poppy oil. This oil is high in omega 6 which is known to cause inflammation so should only be used in small amounts.

Poppy seeds are a good source of protein and fiber and is commonly used as toppings for breads, bagels and muffins.


Further information:

One Tablespoon give you

Calories: 46,

Protein: 1.6 grams,

Fat: 3.7 grams,

Carbs: 2.5 grams,

Fiber: 1.7 grams,

and good amount of manganese, copper, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, thiamine and iron.

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