Lifematrix Raw Vegan Protein Chocolate Flavour Unsweetened 400g



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Raw Vegan Protein Chocolate Flavour

Lifematrix Raw Vegan Protein, made from wholegrain brown rice, is now available in a chocolate flavour. The protein powder, produced in Germany, is obtained without heat to ensure maximum bioavailability of its amino acids, including all nine essential aminos.

Raw Vegan Protein has long been a favourite among those choosing a plant-based diet with the added comfort of Lifematrix’s “clean protein” commitment – no synthetic additives or sweeteners. Lifematrix uses only high-fibre cocoa powder (the husk of the cocoa bean is added back after separation) to give Raw Vegan Protein a rich, natural chocolate flavour.

Suggested use:

Mix 2 level scoops (20g) with 250ml nut milk or fruit juice and stir briskly. Best mixed in a blender or shaker. Makes a delicious smoothie when blended with fruit and other good things. Use also in low-carb baking or to protein-enrich soups/stews.



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