Lifematrix Yellow Pea Protein 200g



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Yellow Pea Protein

Yellow Pea Protein Powder is a natural vegetable protein that’s easily digestible and gluten free. The 80% protein concentrate is made from yellow peas (pisum sativum) grown in the USA and Canada and is a good alternative protein option for vegans/vegetarians or anyone with a lactose intolerance. Lifematrix Yellow Pea Protein Powder has a mild, neutral taste and is versatile.

Suggested use:

Mix 1 level scoop with 250ml liquid (e.g nut milk/juice) and stir briskly. One serving per day. Best mixed in a blender or shaker. Makes a delicious smoothie when blended with fruit and other good things. Use also in low-carb baking or to protein-enrich soup/stews.


Pea protein powder: 80g protein per 100g , 16g protein per 20g serving.

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