Pure Beginnings Organic Teen Foaming Wash Citrus 200ml


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Organic Teen Foaming Wash – Citrus

A multi-function foaming wash for face and body. Suitable for maintaining healthy skin.

  • Prebiotics nourish healthy skin microflora and help restore balance.
  • Willow Bark naturally exfoliates and helps clear pores to give skin a clearer, healthier appearance.
  • Citrus revives, energises and refreshes.
  • Mild surfactants are used to remove impurities and ensure skin is not stripped or left dry.


Suggested use: Lather gently with warm water and gently massage into face and body. Rinse thoroughly and pat dry. 


Further information:

During our teenage years hormones are still balancing themselves out which can lead to a series of skin concerns including oil control, acne and breakouts. This is a really unique time for skin because it goes through so many changes and balance becomes highly important. Starting in the beginning with a naturalskin care routine is therefore really important. Quick fixes may not be the best for the overall health of skin so its key to understand why a natural, chemical free skincare range, is a better choice. A product that works to balance the skin’s natural oil production is far better than stripping skin of natural oils and healthy microbes, which can create a cycle of excess sebum production . As the skin is still young, it’s worth choosing products that work to improve the health and natural function of the skin rather than harsh, chemical-packed products that can strip the skin of its protective barrier.


Lifestyle Tip: Quit the soap, hot water and over cleansing

Over washing can cause irritation on the skin and increase inflammation. Choose mild natural products to clean skin and try not make the water temperature too hot. You want to look after the skin barrier and avoid washing all those good natural oils and microbes on the surface of your skin down the drain.

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