Sally Ann Creed Skinny Collagen Soup - 50g


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Skinny Collagen Soup (50g)

Savour your favourite collagen, seasoned to perfection with Sally Ann Creed’s Skinny Collagen Soup. This delicious broth powder recipe includes dozens of herbs and spices from Sally-Ann’s selection. Serve as a starter, or snack during the day to support optimal gut health as well as soft, supple skin.

  • Delicious collagen broth powder
  • Seasoned to perfection with Sally-Ann’s secret spice recipe
  • Dissolves easily in warm water
  • No gluten, dairy or soya
  • No artificial additives
  • No maltodextrin, preservatives or sweeteners
  • Suitable for those with lactose & casein intolerance or allergies
  • Suitable for diabetics
  • Not suitable for vegans or vegetarians

Suggested use: Take one heaped scoop or tablespoon and stir well into a mug of hot/boiling water. Perfect as a starter, mini-meal or meal replacement.


Further information:

There is 3g of pure collagen per scoop so this is a suitable meal replacement for a meal a day if you are wishing to lose weight. You are getting collagen (protein), and a lot of nutrition from the herbs and spices used. Salt used is Himalayan salt. The herbal mixture is our secret recipe but has nothing unnatural in it. No gums or stabilisers in – it’s entirely real.

Add finely chopped, fresh parsley and/or celery. For added taste, sprinkle on nutritional yeast flakes.

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