The Great Skin Co. Premium Deep Cleansing Mitt Pink

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Premium Deep Cleansing Mitt – Pink

The Great Skin Co Deep Cleansing Face & Body Exfoliating Mitt makes exfoliating your body and lifting away dead skin, incredibly pleasant. The Exfoliating Mitt stimulates your blood flow while also combating dry skin. Using it in the bath or in the shower encourages natural cell renewal, helps to reveal your glow and combats dry bumpy skin.

  • Made from 100% Viscose – which can grip the skin even when wet
  • Helps to unclog pores and prevent ingrown hairs
  • It’s antibacterial and antifungal material
  • Can be used in the shower, bath or after a sauna
  • Good for sensitive skin types
  • Stimulates blood flow


Suggested use:

  • Use once a week depending on exfoliating needs. Soaking, steaming and softening the skin well is the key to a successful and deep exfoliation.
  • It’s all about softening your skin first – whether steam from the shower or soaking in the tub. You’ll need to soften your skin well for several minutes.
  • No products, oils, or cleansers. Just water!
  • Dampen and wring out a mitt. Remove area to be exfoliated from direct water source so the mitt can grip your skin better.
  • You can test out a small area first to see if the skin easily lifts away or if more steam/soak time is needed.
  • Insert your hand into the mitt.
  • Using small circles or back and forth strokes, exfoliate one section at a time. Increase the pressure slowly until you comfortably get that deep exfoliation.
  • You may see skin rolling off or you may just feel super soft! Everyone is different. It may take you a few sessions to nail the soak time and pressure needed for individual optimal results.
  • Now you can use your favourite moisturizer as usual.


Further information:


  • Do not overuse
  • Not suitable for delicate babies, toddlers and children’s skin



  • 100% Viscose in Microfiber Weave
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