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Vibrant Cleanse (3 days)

Vibrant Cleanse is a dietary supplement designed to provide you with an easy way of adopting the lemonade and maple syrup diet. Vibrant Cleanse helps to mobilize and eliminate toxins stored in fatty tissues in the liver, kidneys and other organs. Metabolic waste products and toxins are eliminated from the body through the excretory channels leaving you feeling revitalized. The effect of the organic lemonade and maple syrup diet detox often results in a loss of excess body fat. Vibrant Cleanse is a convenient form of the lemonade and maple syrup diet – you only need to add to warm water and drink. You have everything in the tub to sustain you for your fast.

The lemonade cleansing diet has been used for decades. It was developed in 1942 by a Naturopathic Doctor Stanley Burroughs as a liquid detox fast to rid the body of toxins. These could be toxins from industrial pollutants, chemical residues in processed foods, molecules from prescription drugs or heavy metals from cooking vessels etc. These toxins are often embedded in tissues and organs.

Anyone interested in purging their body of unwanted toxins should seriously consider Vibrant Cleanse.

Suggested Use: As a dietary supplement, mix one rounded scoop (15g) of Vibrant Cleanse powder into+-250ml of very warm water, or cold water if you prefer, and drink. Repeat up to six to eight times throughout the day.

Note: The cleanse should be applied during periods when you have full control of your day’s events. It is a 3 day consistent cleanse.

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