Wick Scented Wax Melts Dare To Vetiver 120g

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Wax Melts – Dare To Vetiver

An intoxicating blend of vetiver, black pepper and lime zest. Sweet citrus intertwines with the unmistakably earthy smokiness of vetiver and the sharp, spicy notes of black pepper. A scent of complementary contrast and exciting contradiction. Tell us, do you dare to vetiver?

Our clean-burning wax melts releases generous wafts of fine fragrance when gently heated over a wax melter. The melts are set into solid bar, which can be broken into 16 individual blocks.


Suggested use: Melt 2-4 blocks at a time, depending on room size and desired intensity. Expect a strong scent, even in larger spaces.


Further information:

Once all fragrance has evaporated, leave to cool and remove solid wax. Do not dispose of wax down the sink. If fragrance remains, leave to cool and harden. The wax can be reheated and topped up with fresh blocks to boost aroma.


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