Nutrilife Powder Hi Bio Calmag Complex 125g


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HiBio Calmag Complex

Formulated to provide the recommended daily allowance of calcium and magnesium in a single dose. Bioavailability and efficacy are enhanced by the inclusion of vitamins C and D, Boron, Zinc and Iodine with traces of other minerals. Essential nutrients for healthy bones, teeth, nails and hair. Calcium is beneficial for restful sleep with absorption and assimilation taking place while asleep. It is therefore best taken in a mingle daily dose 30 to 60 minutes before retiring.


Suggested use: Adults – One rounded teaspoon, app. 4gm, mixed with water, fruit juice, milk, soya milk or yogurt. Once daily, or as recommended by your health care professional.

Children – One level teaspoon, approx. 2gm. Best taken 30 to 60 Minutes before retiring.


Further information:


Minerals (per 4g)

Calcium Carbonate 1200mg

Coral Calcium 600mg

Calcium Citrate 400mg

Calcium Ascorbate 100mg

Magnesium Carbontate 500mg

Magnesium Oxide 300mg

Boric Acid AAc 10mg

Zing Gluconate 100mg



Vitamin C 100mg

Vitamin D 100iu/mg 2mg


Dried Phyto Extract:

Cranberry Fruit 388mg

Xylitol 300mg


Providing Elemental:

Calcium 829mg

Magnesium 305mg

Zinc 13mg

Boron 4mg

Iodine 24mg

Vitamin C 180mg

Vitamin D 200iu

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