Ocean Milk Coral Calcium Plus Vitamin D3 90 Capsules


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Coral Calcium Plus Vitamin D3, Alkaline Mineral Capsules

OCEANMILK helps to neutralise excess acidity while nourishing the cells with easily absorbable essential minerals. The full spectrum of 74 natural ionic minerals in this product are necessary for optimum absorption of calcium and magnesium for bone, joint and muscle health.


  • Maintains pH Balance
  • Strengthens Bones


Suggested use:  One capsule three times a day with meals. (Adult Dosage)


Further information:

Okinawa is one of the 5 BLUE ZONES in the world. The inhabitants live longer and are healthier than any other areas on Earth. Their drinking water is abundant in ionic minerals, “OCEANMILK®” which are present in the water and food. This coral infused water contains mainly Calcium and Magnesium in a 2:1 ratio, plus 72 other minerals in perfect balance.

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