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  • Anara Hair Loss Serum 120ml


    Hair Loss Serum 120ml

    How it works:

    Hormones are the most common cause of hair loss for both women and men. In both sexes, the specific hormone responsible for hair loss is the same: dihydrotestosterone (known as DHT), a hormone that your body produces as a by-product of testosterone. DHT affects your hairline by miniaturizing hair follicles, causing the hair to stop growing as it normally would, and eventually fall out.  Cape Aloe (ferox) gelly is a known vasodilator (a mechanism to enhance blood flow to areas of the body that are lacking oxygen and/or nutrients) and thereby improves circulation. This helps the aloe to carry the other active ingredients in the Serum down to the hair roots, where it all begins. ANARA Hair Loss Serum helps to address the problem by helping to prevent hair loss, and by encouraging new hair growth.


    How and when to apply:

    Use twice daily, every day for 3 months. Regularity of use is key to the success of this product. Part your hair and spray a light covering of the Serum directly on to your scalp. Massage in gently with your fingertips to ensure entire affected area is covered. Do not shampoo your hair within one hour of application of the serum, preferably longer. If you wash your hair in the morning, apply the serum after drying/blow-drying. At night, apply at least 20 minutes before bedtime and allow to dry.


    Note: Hair fall may decrease within 2-3 weeks, but new hair growth should not be expected before 3 months of regular, twice-daily use

  • Bellabaci Facial Cups Massage System


    Facial Cupping Massage System

    Start saying goodbye to wrinkles, ageing skin and broken capillaries with the hand-squeezed Bellabaci Facial Massage Cups. Facial Cupping is a safe non-invasive, non-surgical, luxurious express facial in the comfort of your own home.

    Are you ready for the best facial tool you’ve ever come across? Using the wisdom of ancient wellness methods, combined with a modern twist, you can now be your own therapist, achieving professional results in the comfort of your own home.

    The action of the facial cups is to create a vacuum with negative pressure. The cups lift the facial tissue, mimicking the pumping movements of lymphatic drainage.

    Facial Cupping is a natural treatment that addresses ageing with no side-effects or downtime. Facial cupping is also a great alternative for sensitive skins who cannot endure chemical treatments. In addition, facial cupping is effective in draining the sinuses, dredging infection and inflammation, relieving pain following dental work, and preventing skin congestion. Using your facial cups prior to extractions also means less pain or trauma to the skin.

    Your 5-minute daily natural facelift with facial cupping can:

    • Tone & lift your facial muscles.
    • Strengthen & tighten your skin.
    • Reduce puffiness under your eyes.
    • Produce visibly radiant skin.
    • Stimulate the production of natural collagen.
    • Increase product penetration.

    Additional information:

    Take note to follow the diagram on your box and always keep the cup moving to avoid the formation of a cup kiss. Although they are not harmful, they are undesired on the face.

    Rinse your cups with a detergent soap after each use to ensure perfect hygiene, and introduce the hard cup after a minimum of 6 weeks of regular use of the soft cup.