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Bellabaci is a Proudly South African brand with an amazingly innovative product range designed to improve your wellbeing using the ancient art of Chinese and Arabic cupping therapy, along with potent Homeopathic Essential Complexes made with certified organic and wildcrafted essential oils and homeopathic remedies. They’re known as Genies as they can create such magical healing effects! The Cups and Genies are best used in combination as the cups need lubrication to work properly. All Bellabaci products are carefully researched and tested by a medical panel according to strict standards.

Keren Trabelsi is an experienced, certified therapeutic massage therapist, beauty and health spa owner, wife and mother to two beautiful girls and also the founder of the Bellabaci healing system. Her journey began after her second pregnancy when she rid herself of excruciating back pain after having a cupping session and was inspired to create the Bellabaci cupping system. She set out to find a system with the benefits of cupping minus the bruising and came up with medical grade silicone cups. They don't bruise, but they can give you a kiss! Bellabaci - where Science and Nature meets, to kiss your health better.

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