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Jack and Blanche Goodman and are passionate about promoting natural health and wellness. They discovered research being done by Professor Kubayashi on the amazing health benefits of OCEANMILK coral minerals from Okinawa in Japan. This island is one of the world’s unique 5 ‘Blue Zones’ where many of the people are over 100 years old. They are healthy with an exceptionally low incidence of degenerative diseases.

They realized that these minerals could make a life changing difference to their health and well-being. They are happy to have brought the health benefits of OCEANMILK to the people of South Africa..

In their pursuit of health and well-being they are dedicated to increasing awareness about the benefits of OCEANMILK and Bio77 Concentrated Minerals and Trace Elements in South Africa.

OCEANMILK Coral Calcium is harvested off the pristine coast of the Okinawa islands in Japan. They are proud to say that no living coral is used or damaged during the sourcing of this product.

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