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  • Lumi Glo The Glo Getter 24ml


    The Glo Getter 24ml

    A triple combo of CBD Leaf Extract, Vitamin C and E to instantly calm, add the glow and to nourish the skin. CBD helps soothe the skin due to its anti-inflammatory benefits, reduces breakouts and redness. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that brightens, evens the skin tome and is moisture rich. The Vitamin E helps rehydrate, protects the skin.

    • CBD Leaf Extract: Calms and soothes skin inflammation, acne, redness and eczema. Helps decrease sebum production.
    • Kiwi Extract: Locks in moisture and keeps skin really hydrated, enhances barrier lipids in the skin, helps reduce the signs of ageing.
    • Vitamin E: Helps repair the skin, assists in cellular restoration against sun damage and prevents oxidative damage by removing radical damage.

    How to use:

    1. First cleanse and clean your skin.
    2. Remove the mask from the pouch and then apply on to the face smoothing it out.
    3. Apply any excess serum from the pouch onto your neck and décolletage.
    4. Leave on for 20 minutes.
    5. Remove the mask and massage any excess serum into the face with fingers or a face roller.

    Tip: We love to use the sheet mask at night and wake up with plump beautiful skin.

  • Simply Bee Teen Facial Toner 200ml


    Teen Facial Toner

    Simply Bee Teen Skin Care Facial Toner is an all-natural, alcohol-free toning spray that refreshes and soothes the skin. Ingredients like lavender and rose extract are ideal for reducing irritation, inflammation and redness. This witch-hazel toner helps to balance the skin’s pH, making it less prone to breakouts and blemishes.

    • Alcohol-free formula
    • Refreshes and cleanses the skin
    • With witch-hazel, rose and lavender
    • Balances pH levels
    • Soothes inflammation and irritation
    • Helps to control breakouts and blemishes
    • No SLS, parabens or phthalates

    Suggested use:

    • Shake well before use.
    • Apply after cleansing, using gentle upwards motions. Avoid the eye area.
    • Apply with a cotton round or spray directly onto your face.
  • Simply Bee Teen Fynbos Honey Face Scrub 100ml


    Teen Fynbos Honey Face Scrub

    The Simply Bee Teen Skin Care Honey Face Scrub is made with brown sugar, cinnamon and sustainable fynbos honey, to create a cleansing and exfoliating treatment for oily skin. The formula gently polishes away impurities and helps to clean out the pores, while providing your skin with gentle nourishment.

    • Helps to control breakouts and blemishes
    • Exfoliates and softens the skin
    • Removes impurities and excess oil

    Suggested use:

    • Apply to freshly cleansed skin. Use once or twice a week.
    • Wet your face and apply a small amount with your fingertips; massage gently then rinse thoroughly.
    • Follow with Simply Bee Propolis Serum and then your favourite Simply Bee moisturiser.
    • If the scrub feels too abrasive, mix it with a bit of Simply Bee Cleansing Cream for a more gentle exfoliant.
  • Simply Bee Teen Gel Cleanser + Tea Tree Oil 200ml


    Teen Gel Cleanser + Tea Tree Oil

    Simply Bee Teen Skin Care Gel Cleanser helps to gently refresh and balance sensitive, acne-prone skin. The perfect cleanser for a teen skincare routine. The cleansing gel contains natural anti-inflammatory ingredients like aloe extract and tea tree oil.

    • Natural gel cleanser for teen skin
    • Suitable for sensitive and acne-prone skin types
    • Made with tea tree oil and aloe extract
    • Helps to reduce irritation and inflammation
    • Helps to control breakouts & blemishes
    • No SLS, parabens or phthalates

    Suggested use:

    • Use twice daily as part of your regular skincare routine.
    • Follow with a natural day cream or night cream.
  • Skoon. Retinin 30ml



    Skin Type: Breakouts & Mature

    SKOON vitamin A (also known as retinaldehyde or retinal for short) deserves two happy dance circuits around the factory! (Quick fact: retinal is not just retinol by another name – or a typo. There is a profound molecular difference between these two variants of Vitamin A). The incredible retinal molecule is the complete package when it comes to your skin’s nightly repair cycle!

    •   Suitable for all skin types including sensitive
    •  Helps to clear up acne
    •  Helps to kick wrinkles to the curb
    • Treats hyperpigmentation
    • Reduces the skin’s sebum production – no more 4 o’clock shine

    Suggested use / Directions:

    PM only. Smooth a dollop of moisturiser onto clean skin, at night only.

    Broad spectrum SPF is recommended for day use when Vitamin A is topically applied at night.  Not recommended if you are pregnant/breastfeeding or under the age of 16 years.