Biosil Compress Pack For Castor Oil


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Castor oil Packs:

Length 45cm,  Width 22.7;  PVC Outer to prevent leakage;  100% Polyester towel fabric;  Poly cotton Bias binding


Suggested use: Place a small  circle of the castor oil on compress – in the middle. It will slowly spread on the compress.
You could apply this to a bone spur, a sore wrist, joints, sore knees, congested chest (slightly larger compress) with a hot water bottle on top.
On abdomen for irritable bowel syndrome, constipation – it will help break up congestion there.
Gallstones, revive liver (under right rib), kidneys (kidney stones).


Castor Oil penetrates deeper than any other oil, breaks up lumps, bumps, adhesions, even a bone spur
(it may take a while if the condition has been there for a long time) – just keep at it
As a compress it is not drawing anything out of you. The compress is a vehicle to hold the oil so it can penetrate
Every day you could apply the compress, fold it over and next day open up, add a little more oil and apply again
You can use it for tumours, cysts, even breast cancer

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