MW Clean Whey Isolate Chocolate 800g


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Clean Whey Isolate Chocolate

Clean Whey Isolate is by far the best formulation when it comes to a whey isolate that not only provides the purest highest quality whey isolate virtually free of fat and impact carbohydrates, but also assist with digestion, gut health as well as providing extra growth factors in a way which no other whey supplement can. The following are the major benefits amongst others:

– Clean Whey Isolate with no artificial additives

– Gut Health and Immune Function with Colostrum

– Superior Insulin Growth Factor Content

In addition to the Pure Whey Isolate which is suitable for those that are lactose intolerant, we have added Colostrum: 2g per serving. Proven to be high in insulin growth factors, immunoglobulin and lactoferrin which act together to boost muscle synthesis as well as immune support. Colostrum also plays an important role in combating leaky gut syndrome.


Suggested use:  Use as a protein supplement. Add 1 level scoop to 150ml of cold water or fat free milk. Have 2-3 servings daily depending on your nutritional requirements or as directed by your nutritionist.


Further information:

Supplement facts:

SERVING SIZE: 1 Heaped Scoop (18g). S



PER                                    18g                                          PER 100g

Energy                               243kJ                                       1351kJ

Protein                              16g                                            88g

Carbohydrate                   0.3g                                          1.80g

Of which sugar (lactose) 0.3g                                          1.80g

Total Fat                               1.2g                                          0.4g

Of which Saturated Fats     0.1g                                          0.4g

Dietary Fibre                       0.17g                                         0.95g

Total Sodium                      21mg                                        119mg



100% Whey Isolate, Cocoa Powder (in chocolate variant only), Colostrum Powder, Stevia Leaf Extract (in Chocolate Variant only).

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