MW Super Collagen Creamer Unflavoured 300g


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Super Collagen Creamer – Unflavoured

Collagen Creamer is an all-natural, keto friendly product that helps you make the perfect keto coffee of bullet proof coffee. Not just coffee but also can be used for tea and in smoothies and as an addition to regular shakes. Dominant in C8 caprylic acid , this product optimises ketone production and provides smooth energy from healthy fats and protein.

The Collagen works  great as an anti -aging agent as it is a major component of the skin, helping to prevent wrinkles and keep the skin glowing and elastic.

The baobab powder is high in Vitamin C and  Pre-biotic Fibre . The Vitamin C in Baobab helps the collagen to be absorbed by the body and the Pre-biotic Fibre helps support healthy gut bacteria.

Busy professionals will also benefit from the Collagen Creamer by providing alertness , focus and keeping one satiated for longer. The  MCT oil in Collagen Creamer also  supports a healthy gut biome and is an excellent ketone body pre-cursor.

  • Lactose Free Creamer with Grass Fed  Collagen and Baobab
  • Perfect for Low Carb And Keto Diets
  • C8 Caprylic Acid Dominant
  • Natural Vitamin C from Baobab
  • No Artificial Additives


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