Nutrilife Powder Nutri Yeast 200g


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Nutri Yeast

A primary-grown inactive dried yeast produced for its bioavailable nutritive value.

An excellent source of non-animal protein with a delicious nutty flavor, providing 50% protein with 41% Amino acids, 27% dietary fibers, 4% minerals, 0.04% B group vitamins.


Suggested use: Adults – One to three heaped teaspoons (5 to 15grams) daily, dissolve in water, juice, yogurt, blackstrap molasses or honey or added to smoothies.

Use a peppershaker to sprinkle on cereals or use as seasoning on popcorn and salads.

Add to cooking or baking for added flavour and nutritional Value


Further information:

Active ingredient: Nutri Yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae)  Lynside NUTRI



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