Pure Beginnings Baby Bum Cream With Organic Baobab 125ml


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Baby Bum Cream With Organic Baobab

A certified organic baby bum cream designed to protect your baby’s bum. With organic baobab to soothe and moisturise, tea-tree and lavender oil for their natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, and natural vegetable oils such as olive oil to protect against the dampness that leads to nappy rash.

Pure Beginnings best-selling Baby Bum Cream is Pure Beginnings flagship product. Certified organic and free from petroleum, it has been formulated to protect and heal the sensitive bum area, whilst repelling water to protect against dampness. The Baby Bum Cream is also suitable for parents who choose to cloth diaper their babies.

  • Baobab fruit extract – high in vitamin C and antioxidants, helps soothe and moisturise
  • Tea Tree oil – natural antiseptic with traditional healing properties
  • Olive oil – rich in antioxidants and fatty acids
  • Lavender oil – has natural soothing and antiseptic properties 
  • Rose Geranium oil – balances skin, boosts and improves skin elasticity, and calms irritated skin
  • pH balanced to that of the skin to provide an optimal environment for the skin microbiome
  • Petroleum free – will not clog pores and allows skin to breathe
  • Ecocert certified organic cosmetic 

Suggested use: Apply after bath and each nappy change. Discontinue use if irritation or rash develops.

Additional information:

Advantages of natural based bum creams

It is important to find a bum cream that protects your baby’s bum, whilst also allowing the skin to breathe. Harsh petrochemicals such as mineral oil, petrolatum and paraffin wax are commonly found in most bum creams. We do not recommend products with these crude oil derivatives, as they can create a barrier on the skin, preventing the skin from releasing toxins. These toxins can become trapped on and beneath the skin’s surface. Natural vegetable oils do not clog the skin’s pores, so products containing a natural vegetable oil base will allow the skin to breathe whilst helping to protect the skin from irritation.


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