Pure Beginnings Gentle Berry Toothpaste 0-3Yrs 75ml


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Gentle Berry Toothpaste Fluoride Free 0 – 3 Years

Designed for children under the age of 3, this delicious, natural berry flavoured toothpaste is fluoride-free, making it non-toxic if swallowed. It also contains Xylitol to assist in the prevention of tooth decay.

The Pure Beginnings Gentle Berry Toothpaste is fluoride-free and designed for children up to the age of three. Formulated with a fantastic, natural berry flavour to appeal to the taste buds of little ones, our toothpaste will help get kids into the routine of brushing their teeth regularly – without being put off by the strong minty flavours designed for adults.

  • Xylitol – helps inhibit the bacteria that cause tooth decay 
  • Calcium Carbonate – mild abrasive to protect infant enamel whilst brushing
  • Kaolin – gentle clay abrasive to help safely remove plaque whilst brushing
  • Age 0-3 years, but may be also be used by children older than that
  • Non-toxic if swallowed
  • Fluoride-free
  • SLS-free
  • Certified organic ingredients

Additional information:

The Risk Of Fluoride

The risk of fluoride to our health is something that everyone needs to understand.  Even though fluoride may reduce tooth decay when applied topically, it is toxic to the rest of the body, and is likely to create health problems, especially when ingested. Our approach is to avoid this potentially harmful substance completely, and instead use other active ingredients that are effective at inhibiting the growth of bacteria that causes tooth decay.

The Benefits Of Xylitol

One of the greatest benefits of xylitol is how it interacts with bacteria. The cavity-causing bacteria that live in the mouth feed on fermentable sugars and produce lactic acid. This lactic acid is what eventually causes cavities because it eats through the enamel surfaces of our teeth. Xylitol is a non-fermentable sugar alcohol, which means the cariogenic bacteria cannot process it and therefore cannot produce lactic acid. Xylitol also has a unique anti-adhesive quality, which prohibits bacteria from adhering to cell tissue. This assists in maintaining the natural pH of the mouth, allowing teeth to be re-mineralized, which helps prevent cavities from forming in the first place.

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