Simply Bee Shaving Soap 125ml


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Shaving Soap

Simply Bee’s Shaving Soap prepares your skin, and beard for a super clean, close shave without the use of any alcohols, or a CFC producing aerosol. This Shaving Soap is made using coconut, and castor oils to replenish vital moisture, and nutrition to your skin, and beard to keep them lustrous, and soft. Experience the cleanest shave of your life with Simply Bee’s Shaving Soap.

  • Castor oil promotes the growth, and strengthening of hair follicles, as well as a clean shave with its lubricating action
  • Sweet almond oil nourishes the skin, and hair follicles with vitamin A, E, and omega-3 fatty acids
  • Makes a luxurious lather without the CFC producing aerosol canister
  • Contains no alcohol, and is suitable for even very sensitive skin types
  • Vegetarian, with beeswax

Suggested use:

  • Wet your shaving brush, and whip the shaving soap into a lather
  • Apply smoothly in an up-and-down motion
  • Shave with a clean, sharp razor
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