Viridian Hyaluronic Acid 50mg 30 Capsules

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Hyaluronic Acid 50mg

Also known as “nature’s moisturiser”, hyaluronic acid lubricates joints and muscles, while also nourishing and hydrating the skin, and distinctly reversing the signs of aging. These vegan, kosher capsules are also your daily answer to improved menopausal health and wound healing properties.

  • Great healing properties for scars and surgical recovery
  • Incredible treatment for osteoarthritis, osetoporosis and fractures or connective tissue problems
  • Maintains and contributes to the soft, plump and elastic appeal of your skin and lips
  • Improves eye health

Suggested use:

As a food supplement, take 1-3 capsules daily with food. Store in a cool, dry place after opening.

Further information:


Consult your physician if pregnant/nursing , taking medication, or have a medical condition. Keep out of reach of children.

Supplement Facts:

Each 100mg vegetarian cellulose capsule contains 50mg Hyaluronic Acid in a base of alfalfa,  spirulina and bilberry.



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