Flora Force Ear Candles With Tea Tree & Sage


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Ear Candles With Tea Tree & Sage

Ear candling is an ancient technique that is a gentle way to remove accumulated ear wax and relieve pressure in your ear canals that may be causing you some discomfort. A build-up of wax or ear pressure can cause symptoms like ringing in the ears and an uncomfortable blocked or pressured feeling. Candling your ears can also improve the symptoms of sinusitis and dizziness (vertigo). Flora force Ear Candles are inserted into the ear and lit at the far end to allow for a suction effect in a perfectly safely procedure that draws out ear wax and can relieve pressure for a lighter clearer feeling.

  • Ear candling is a safe, gentle and natural way to clear congestion in your ears
  • Draws out accumulated ear wax
  • Can help symptoms of dizziness, ringing in the ears and sinusitis
  • Helps release pressure in the ears and can improve hearing
  • Ear candles work by softening ear wax with heat and drawing it out into the hollow candle with suction created by the heat
  • Handmade ear candles made of 100% Cotton muslin and pure Beeswax
  • Made with tea tree and sage essential oils


Using Ear Candles:

Use ear candles once every few months if you feel the need to clear your ears. You will need to get someone to help you use ear candles.


Suggested use: Please do your own research


Further information:

Do not use ear candles:

  • After recent ear or nose surgery
  • If you have grommets (ear tubes)
  • If you have bleeding or discharge from your ears
  • If you have impacted wax
  • Be careful to extinguish your ear candle properly in the water once you have used it
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